How to commission a work.

Thank you for your interest in commissioning an Iden Elliott Design. There’s only a few thing you need to put together before sending your request.

1. High quality images work best. Please send images that are at least 1080p quality or higher resolution.

2. Good lighting matters. Please consider sending images where the face is well-lighted so I can include as much detail as possible.

3. Consider every angle. We ask for at least three photos taken from different angles. This will help reveal more details for the design but also give us a better sense of personality as well.

4. Be sure to include the following information with your request:

Your commission’s name. Can we post your photos to social networks (including this site) or do we need to keep a low profile until you’ve shared it with your family? If so, when can we share it? Or, would you like the name of your artwork or you to remain private ?

All set? Now you can use this link to send your commission request. Please wait until we reply to attach your photos. If this link isn’t working for you, you may send me your commission through gmail using the email address [email protected]

For an original drawing our price is $85, you can pay me at PayPal.Me/IdenElliott


I’m an artist. I specialize in pet and people portraits. My virtual art is created on a computer.

When I’m not drawing, I attend International Connections Academy, a private virtual school based in Maryland. Yeah, I do a lot of virtual stuff. But it’s real fun.

I’m currently traveling around the world with my family. I have a brother, Aren (15) and a sister, Erysse (10). I also have three cats, Pollux, Clio and Lia.